Governing Board

A six-member Governing Board oversees both schools. Members of this board, who serve three-year terms, are either elected or appointed, and can be parents, grandparents, guardians or community members. The Board meets monthly to discuss issues and make decisions regarding the schools. Board meetings are public and follow Utah Open Meetings laws. Board Meeting Schedule: The Board meets the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. Meetings from January through June are held at Thomas Edison South. Meetings from July through December are held at Thomas Edison North.

Board Meeting Schedule The board meets the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. From January through June at Thomas Edison South. From July through December at Thomas Edison North.

Board Members

Tirzah Anderson, President, Policy (2014-2017)

email: [email protected]

  • Eight years in the program with four children currently attending.
  • Homemaker
  • Bachelor’s in Social Work; Utah State University

“I am passionate about quality education. Thomas Edison Charter School is an excellent choice because of the demanding, research-based curriculum combined with high expectations in a warm, supportive environment. The systemic nature of the curriculum ensures that students are continually building on a strong foundation of knowledge. Our teachers and aides are highly trained in excellent teaching methods and classroom management skills, which are enhanced by ongoing analysis and mentoring by our administrators. I appreciate that instruction time is maximized as distractions are minimized, and even small details such as classroom set-up and dress code promote our guiding philosophy. TECS recognizes the benefits of art, music and physical education in enhancing education, and provides superb instruction in those areas as well. As a parent, I am grateful my students are having positive educational experiences that teach them to work hard and constantly strive for excellence, ultimately helping them be a force for good in their families, school, community and nation.”

KARA SWENSEN; Vice-President, South PO Liaison (2012-2015)

email:[email protected]

  • Nine years in program with three children currently attending
  • Homemaker
  • Bachelor’s in Art Education; Utah State University

“I put my children in at Thomas Edison because I felt they weren't being challenged, and I wanted to make sure they got the best education I could find for them. I found that with TECS. Some days are more challenging than others, but I feel that my children are excelling. They aren't bored, and they are learning things that I never even learned in high school or college. I have also learned a lot because of what they have to learn. I feel that my son who is now entering the 10th grade is more ready to take on hard classes with ease because of what he has learned at TECS.”

EMMA BULLOCK; (2014-2015)

email: [email protected]

ADAM BURRIS; Treasurer (2013-2015)

email: [email protected]

  • Four years in program with three children currently attending
  • Associate's Degree; Utah State University
  • Certified Real Estate Appraiser

“When our first child started school, my wife and I spent several weeks searching for the best school in the valley. As we sat through classes at Thomas Edison Charter School, we quickly realized the superiority of this school and made the decision to place our children in it. We were and continue to be impressed with the quality instructors. We were also impressed with the environment in the school and the expectations that were placed upon the students. The parent involvement is another key aspect of this system and only enhances the learning process of the children, which is something that we greatly admired and respected. It has been a pleasure for our children to attend Thomas Edison Charter School.”

SONNY TUFT; Secretary (2014-2017)

email: [email protected]

ESTEE WILSON; North PO Liason (2014-2016)

email: [email protected]

Executive Committee

  • Tirzah Anderson
  • Adam Burris
  • Emma Bullock

Finance, Facilities Committee

  • Adam Burris: Committee Chair
  • Sonny Tuft

Personnel, Policy & Legal Committee

  • Tirzah Anderson, Committee Chair
  • Kara Swensen

Achievement & Curriculum Committee

  • Emma Bullock, Committee Chair
  • Estee Wilson

Governing Board Policy Manual

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