The Thomas Edison Charter Schools’ curriculum is patterned after highly successful schools outside Utah. It highlights a strong academic focus on elemental skills development, and uses a direct instruction teaching philosophy. Skills are taught explicitly so students have a clear understanding of how to read, write, calculate, and problem solve.

Utah State Core Curriculum

The Utah State Core Curriculum serves as the foundation to the subjects taught and provides a minimum basis for academic requirements.

Literature and Phonics

Literature and phonics are a daily part of the curriculum. The literature program has a strong phonics base emphasized by daily written and oral drill. Literature sets include classics with wholesome ideals. Teachers read to their classes daily. The Writing Road to Reading by Romalda Spalding is the schools’ program for phonics that uses diagnostic teaching. Teachers adjust their instruction to their classes’ needs.

6th through 9th Grade Curriculum

The curriculum satisfies and incorporates all of the elements identified in the state core curriculum for these grades so that graduating students are well prepared to enter 10th grade in all subjects at the local public schools. The program includes rotations between subjects such as math & science, history, technology, art and music, literature and physical education. Elective classes include drama, debate, yearbook, media studio, language exploration and team sports.