• Fri, 3rd:
    Parent Spalding Class at North-12:15-2:15

  • Wed, 8th:
    3rd Grade Chorus "Blast From the Past"-6:30

  • Fri, 10th:
    Vision Screening: K-3 and 7 grades-8:45

  • Mon, 13th:
    Book Fair: Fall-8:00-4:00

  • Tue, 14th:
    Book Fair: Fall-8:00-8:00

  • Tue, 14th:
    AM Kindergarten Only-8:30-10:45

  • Tue, 14th:
    Parent Teacher Conferences (Dismiss at Noon- MS Conferences 4:00-7:00

  • Wed, 15th:
    Book Fair: Fall-9:00-12:00

  • Wed, 15th:
    Parent Teacher Conference:No School-MS Conferences 9:00-12:00

  • 16th - 17th:
    Fall Break-No School

  • Tue, 21st:
    School Pictures Retakes-9:00-1:00

  • Wed, 22nd:
    Noodle Tools Parent Class:Lab B-6:00

  • Fri, 24th:
    Good Touch Bad Touch (K thru 5 grades-2:45-4:00

  • Tue, 28th:
    6th Grade Ice Skating-10:00-11:30

  • Tue, 28th:
    1st Grade Ice Skating-9:00-10:30

  • 23rd - 28th:
    Pumpkin Walk

  • Thu, 30th:
    7th Grade Ice Skating-10:00-11:30

  • Thu, 30th:
    8th Grade Ice Skating-9:00-10:30

  • Fri, 31st:
    Class Parties-1:30-2:30

  • Fri, 31st:
    Kindergarten Parties-9:45 & 1:30

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