Dress Code

Students are expected to dress and groom themselves in a neat, modest, and attractive fashion reflecting pride in themselves and in their school. The dress code is established to help ensure an atmosphere conducive to study and prevent drawing attention to self. Pride in student dress and grooming is an observable difference at Thomas Edison Charter School. It is the responsibility of parents and children to ensure compliance with the dress code. If there are any questions, keep it simple and err on the conservative side.

All clothing should fit properly and be in good repair. All students must wear closed toe shoes. Neither denim/jeans nor athletic wear (sweats or athletic shorts) are allowed. No logos, designs, lettering, etc. of any kind are allowed, except approved Thomas Edison Charter School logos.

The official school shirt has a collar, short or long sleeves, and is long enough to remain tucked in. Shirts will be any solid color. Shirts will be one of three styles: polo, oxford, or turtleneck.

Pants, capris, or knee length shorts will be a solid color in khaki, navy or black. Skirts, skorts, or jumpers may also be approved school plaid. Khaki is defined as the appropriate shade of brown, tan, or green. Examples of approved school plaid are Green Plaid from French Toast Clothing Company or Hunter Classic Navy Plaid from Land’s End Clothing Company. Leggings, tights, and “knee high” socks worn with skirts, jumpers, or shorts must be solid color. Pants and shorts will be one of three styles: slacks, cargo, or Docker (the style, not brand).

Outerwear worn in the building over a dress code shirt for warmth, such as a sweater, cardigan, or vest, must fit all dress code standards except a collar. Appropriate non dress code outerwear may be worn outside the building.

Occasional exceptions, consistent with the intent of the dress code for special events (such as Boy or Girl Scout uniforms), may be approved by the principal. The principal will interpret and resolve all issues regarding the dress code.

Governing Board Approval 4-10-2013


  • No additional décor on the clothing, such as beads and sequins, even if the same color as the solid color clothing.
  • No excessive and/or non-essential accessories (multiple ear rings, scarves, etc.)
  • Knee length, solid color polo dresses are permitted.
  • Skirts and shorts are to be at least knee length. Leggings may not be used as a substitute for proper length.
  • Clothing must not be form fitting.
  • No jeggings.
  • No hair styles or modified colors that draw attention to self.
  • One solid color layer underneath a dress code shirt for modesty or warmth is acceptable.
  • Optional dress up days for special circumstances may be approved in advance. For such occasions, the standard will always be higher with the traditional dress code modesty standards continuing to apply.
  • Check with the school ahead of time if there are any questions.